Deviations on a Theme, 24x30, Acrylic, Jan 2017
Re-Build, 24x30, Acrylic, Feb2018
Floral, 24x24, Acrylic, Dec 2018
Taking Steps, 20x24, acrylic 2016-18
Finding Home, 16x20, Acrylic, 2016-18
Dreaming of Boats, 16x20, Acrylic, 2017/18
Mountainous Journey, 18x24, Acrylic, Fall 2018
Pike St., 24x24, Acrylic, March 2018
Night Traffic, 16x20, acrylic, March 2018
Hilltop Memories, 18x24, Acrylic, Aug2017-March 2018
Yogurt in My Bowl, 10x10, Acrylic, March 2017
Along the Canal, 24x48, acrylic and mixed media, Feb 2017
Rose Wash, acrylic, 16x16, Jan 2017, $550.JPG
Memories of Post Alley, 30x40, Oil, Dec 2018
Wire You Here/Gone, 18x24, Acrylic, Jan2019
Beach Obscure, 16x20, Acrylic, 2016-19
Fight or Flight, 18x24, Acrylic & mixed media, Apr2019
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